5 Dimensions Emotional Intelligence Infographic

5 Dimensions Emotional Intelligence Infographic

Just as Intelligent Quotient (IQ) is composed of observation, memory, imagination, analysis and judgment, thinking ability and adaptability, emotional quotient (EQ) is also composed of several dimensions summed up by Professor Daniel Goleman in 1995:

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  1. Self Awareness - is to monitor the changes of one's emotions, to be able to detect the emergence of certain emotions, and to observe and examine one's inner world. Understanding oneself is the core of EQ.

  2. Self Regulation - is to control their emotions, make it timely and moderate performance. In other words, to be able to control oneself. People are emotional animals, which means that people will have different emotions and emotions because of a variety of different people and things. On the one hand, it comes from instinct, on the other hand, it is the true expression of a person's temperament.

  3. Self-motivation - refers to the ability to mobilize and direct emotions according to certain goals of activities. Self-motivation can help people get out of the doldrums of life and start afresh. If one wants to accomplish anything, one must focus on one goal and persevere at it.

  4. Empathy (Recognition of other people's emotions) - the ability to sensitively perceive the needs and desires of others through subtle social signals. Cognition of other people's emotions is the basis of normal and successful communication with others.

  5. Social Skills - It is necessary for each individual to survive and develop in modern society to deal with interpersonal relationship, and the establishment of interpersonal relationship is based on emotional exchange. On the one hand is to regulate their own emotions, and on the other hand is to regulate the other person's emotions, that is to use skills to induce the other person to produce their desired response. Often, a person's ability to handle interpersonal relationships well is the basis of social acceptance and popularity.

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