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Whiskey Infographic

The Background of Whisky

There are many legends about whisky, some people think it was related to an Irish saint in the 5th century, but more people believe it is related to disease and medical treatment. According to historical records, distiller is about 12-13 The century was introduced to Europe (Italy at the very beginning), and was used by monasteries, initially for pharmaceutical purposes to produce drugs for flatulence or smallpox

Until the 14th century, when black death prevailed, alchemists tried to use drugs that had never been seen and felt magical distillers to cure it; by 15 The technology of distillation was spread to Scotland and Ireland before the century, and was also used for pharmaceutical use. Therefore, the high alcohol drink with grain as raw material was produced by mistake, and it was also the "prototype and ancestor of whisky"

What are the Ingredients for Whisky?

Whisky is mainly made from barley, barley malt, wheat, corn, bare wheat (also known as rye), although traditionally many people think that whisky is made from barley, but in fact it is not.

If you are want to know more about the ingredients of whisky, please read the infographic template below. For more details, click here.


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