Flower Art Poster

Flower Art Poster

Flower art is a medium for people to express their natural life, showing the charm of nature and people's inner world, so as to understand nature, life, art and social life. It is a way for people to cultivate themselves, cultivate their sentiment and beautify their life with the help of flowers and plants in nature.

YouTube Channel Art template: Flower Arrangement Learning YouTube Channel Art (Created by InfoART's YouTube Channel Art maker)

(YouTube channel art with topic of flower arrangement. Edit now.)

The difference between floristry and flower arrangement:

The flower arrangement must be inserted in a container, and the "floral art" can be used or not in a container. It can be hung on the wall or directly inserted on the table.

Flower Art (or also known as Floral Art) is more extensive and free than flower arrangement in terms of material selection, conception, and modeling. Especially in some large-scale exhibitions and competitions, it is widely used, and the modeling tends to be large-scale. This is impossible for flower arrangements.

Flower arrangement must be made of plant materials. In addition to plant materials, floral art can also use many non-plant decorative materials, such as metal, glass, plastic, and cotton fabrics.

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Flower Art

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