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Ice cream and gelato are beloved frozen desserts on hot summer days and holidays, enjoyed by people of all ages. These two look and taste very similar, but are they actually the same? You might think so, considering gelato means ice cream in Italian, but there are actually some differences between the two.

Ice Cream vs Gelato

The two main ingredients of ice cream and gelato are milk and cream, but the difference in the amount of these two ingredients makes the difference in dessert. As the name suggests, "ice cream" contains more cream than milk, while gelato uses a larger ratio of whole milk to cream. Another ingredient that distinguishes the two is eggs; gelato has egg yolks, and ice cream (usually) has no egg at all.

Here is an infographic about the difference between ice cream and gelato. Click here to edit this infographic online.

Both of these foods can be part of a healthy diet, as long as you eat them occasionally in moderation. However, as with any high-sugar, high-calorie food, it's best to limit your intake for optimal health.

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