Customer Journey Mapping - The Benefits Timeline-Style Customer Journey Map Template

Customer Journey Mapping - The Benefits

A customer itinerary is a visual representation of a customer's itinerary. It helps you tell your customers' stories about your brand's experiences at all touch points. Whether your customers interact with you through social media, email, apps, or other channels. This process also helps businesses understand common customer pain points, enabling them to better optimize and personalize the customer experience.

Key concepts of CJM

A customer journey is a journey of a potential customer through all available channels to various touchpoints with a product, brand, or company (touchpoint) until he performs the desired targeted action. A customer's journey can be extended by hours or days.

Customer Journey Map Example

  • The primary target action is to buy, order, or inquire.

  • A touchpoint is any type of touchpoint between a customer and your business, from classic advertising (ads, TV or radio spots, and so on) to online marketing campaigns, to a friend's opinion or information on a review site.

  • Available channels, such as telephone, Internet, branch offices, marketing communications and service interactions.

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