Why Customer Journey Mapping?

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A customer journey map is a process of analyzing and understanding what happens to a customers throughout a product or service. He asked to study the user's experience across all touch points and how they felt in the process. If you exporting it as a chart, called a customer journey map, visually displays your customer experience. But journey maps are not only just containing timeline, chart or icons, but are also based on the voice of customers and research findings that prompt creators to think about how users' feelings fluctuate throughout the journey.

People call it a customer journey map (also known as a user experience journey map, user experience map, or user journey map), and in fact it doesn't matter what you call it. Understanding the overall experience of customers interacting with your company's products, services and brand is critical.

Benefits of Customer Journey Map

Customer journey maps can help you envision the experiences and emotions of your customers during the journey, but their advantages go far beyond visualization.

  1. Understand and resonate with your customers better

  2. Understand and manage the increasingly complex user experience

  3. Discover new issues and with more hints to address them

  4. Discover new opportunities

  5. Break the organization silos

  6. A clearer grasp of the efficiency of marketing channels, integration touch points and related KPIs

  7. Make a story based on your data and hard evident.

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