What is Customer Journey Map?

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When you're trying to enhance your customer experience, it's important to think like your customers: consider their perspectives and be aware of them at every stage of their journey with you. That's what customer journey maps are all about.

A customer journey map is a graphic illustration, with clear expectations, of all the steps a customer or prospect takes to communicate with the company. For example, this could involve a path from a site visitor to a new user to register for a new user account. An other example, i.e. you would like to record the whole process of a customer ordering your goods from the first time they visit your website and eventually place a purchasing order with the sales department.

Create customer journey map

Here are four main steps to create customer journey map:

  1. Collect all the information you already know about your users and how they use your products or services

  2. Through additional research with real users, identify information gaps and fill these gaps

  3. Create user personas based on collected information

  4. Use all this knowledge to map the customer journey

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