What is Customer Journey Map and Why is It Important?

What is Customer Journey Map and Why is It Important? Horizontal Customer Journey Map Template Editar este modelo
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The customer journey map is one of the ways you can get to know your customers better and understand more about them. It's a way of viewing things from the point of view of the customer. It's not just about explaining what they're going through, it's about feeling what they have seen. CJM is a mechanism that can be applied, likely by improving customer experience and customer loyalty, as part of the business improvement process.

When to Use CJM?

Typical uses for mapping consumer experiences include:

  • CJM can be used to build the desired customer experience as part of a transformation or restructuring process by putting yourself in the customer's shoes

  • CJM help the teams get insight into pain and opportunity

  • CJM help to break organization silos and create smoother experience

  • Determine where effort and investment are required to improve customer service or where savings can be achieved while increasing customer satisfaction

What is Customer Journey Map?

Storytelling and visualization are the basic aspects of journey maps because they are effective mechanisms for delivering information in a memorable and concise way, and create a shared vision. A customer journey map creates a holistic view of the customer experience that brings together and visualizes different touch points (interaction between the customer and organization. that can involve stakeholders from different groups and promote collaborative dialogue and changes.

Online Customer Journey Mapping Tool

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