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Besides diet control and psychological adjustment, the most effective way to live a long life is to take regular exercise. The benefits of fitness are not only to keep you in perfect shape, but also to strengthen your body and prolong your life. But there are also some fitness precautions and fitness principles that we need to understand properly. Today, I'm going to introduce you to some basic fitness knowledge.

As the saying goes, life is exercise, people can imagine the benefits of exercise. Now is the spring season, especially suitable for people to carry out some sports. Let's check some of the benefits of fitness together.

Benefits of Fitness

The infographic below shows you some of the benefits of doing exercise. (Click to edit this infographic)

  1. Change your mood - Working out makes you feel good and your brain releases endorphins that help release stress and make you happier.

  2. Help you sleep - Working out can help you sleep better. According to a recent study from the National Sleep Foundation, regardless of whether you work out in the morning, noon, or evening, 67 percent of people who work out enjoy better late night sleep than those who don't!

  3. Enhance Your Memory - Everyone wants to have a better memory for a task or a test. A new study published in the journal Brain Behavior Research shows that aerobic exercise increases the levels of memory hormones in the blood!

  4. Increase creativity - Experts have shown that among people aged 57 to 75, after an hour of aerobic exercise (jogging, bicycling) 3 times a week for 12 weeks, middle-aged and older exercisers have significantly higher levels of oxygen in their brain blood and perform better on cognitive and creative tests!

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