Activity Diagram Example: Order Processing


This activity diagram example visualizes an end-to-end activity flow for processing an order. As shown from the diagram, a requested order is an input of the activity. After the order is being accepted and all required information is filled in, payment is accepted and order is shipped.

Draw your activity diagram by using this one as a starting point. Simply Click Use this Template to edit, or click Create Blank to draw from scratch.

What is Activity Diagram?

Activity diagrams illustrate the flow of functionality in a system. They are often used in business modeling to show the business workflow. Activity diagrams may also be used in requirements gathering, for example, to illustrate the flow of events through a use case. These diagrams define where the workflow starts, where it ends, what activities occur during the workflow, and in what order the activities occur. An activity is a task that is performed during the workflow.

Purpose of Activity Diagram

You can use an activity diagram for many purposes and here is some examples:

  • To describe a business process or a flow of work between users and your system. For more information.
  • To describe the steps performed in a use case.
  • To describe a method, function or operation in software. For more information.

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