Infographic Example: Enterprise Cloud Computing in 2016


Here using the Inforgaphic Tool we can create a Infographic to reflect the data we have gathered. In this particular infographic it's showing us the primary usages for cloud computing in the general enterprise level in 2016. Here we can also see that enterprises prefer hiring external consultants to implement their cloud infrastructure.

You can edit this Infographic template to reflect your own structure. Just click Use this Template to start. Or you can create your own by clicking the Create Blank button.

What is Infographic?

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations that help you understand the information for a particular theme. It can be in a form of a picture or a video or slide that provides complex information needed for quick representation of huge amount of data.

Today, Infographics is being used in different kinds of areas, starting with science and statistics demographic data, finishing with education and journalism. Basically, it's all-purpose tool for distribution of conceptual information.

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