Organization Chart Example: Project Team


Organization chart is commonly used in project management is a tool for showing team structure. This is an organization chart template for this purpose. By studying an organization chart, you can gain a quick understanding of how the organization is structured.

This simple organization chart example and template can be edited with Visual Paradigm Online, an online diagramming software. Click Use this Template to edit this organization chart template, or click Create Blank to create a new one.

What is Organization Chart?

An organization chart (also known as org chart, or organizational chart) is a graphic representation of a unit's formal structure that provides a clear picture of the area of responsibility and reporting relationships within the unit. It can be used to define the roles and responsibilities of positions within a unit; visualize the structure of the workforce; and establish a structure of authority, communication channels, and specific operational functions and tasks. An org chart is used in many human resource related processes to make decisions including, but not limited to, recruitment, classification, organizational development activities such as restructuring, and training. It is often used to establish decision-making processes and specific operational functions.

Benefits of Organization

There many usages and reasons why we need an Org Chart, here is just a few examples:

  1. Help in specifying authority and responsibility of every position.
  2. Minimize the conflicts between individuals over jurisdiction.
  3. Eliminates overlapping and duplication of work.
  4. Decreases likelihood of "runarounds".
  5. Facilitates promotions of personnel.
  6. Easier to communicate at all levels of organizational hierarchy
  7. Acts as an information center to the new entrants Benefits of Organization Chart

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