Bedroom Example: Guest Bedroom


This is a floor plan template for a guest bedroom. Our floor plan maker contains a large collection of floor plan symbols and tools for you to visualize your guest bedroom design ideas. You can develop a floor plan easily with drag-and-drop, output and share your floor plan design as images and PDF and turn them into a reality.

Click Use This Template to start editing this example, or click Create Blank to create a floor plan from scratch. Our floor plan maker comes with hundreds of floor plan symbols for you to create any kind of floor plan.

What is Floor Plan?

A floor plan is a visual representation of the layout of an area such as a house or other architectural structure. The floor plan consists of the layout of all the rooms, furniture and other physical objects. A floor plan also presents things like windows, doors, wall, etc.

How to draw a Floor Plan?

Floor plans can be easily created using a quality floor plan software like Visual Paradigm Online:

  1. Create a Bedroom Floor Plan. You may create from scratch or to start from a floor plan template.
  2. Drag and drop the floor plan symbols you need from the palette onto the canvas. Connect them with proper connector lines.
  3. Once your diagram is complete, you can save it (File > Save as) to our cloud repository for future access. You can also export your work into image (JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, etc) and share it with your co-workers.

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