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Black And White School Photo Graduation Party Invitation

Feeling of graduation

After high school, it was like an animal that had been trapped for a long time was suddenly released from its cage. When graduation came, I suddenly felt light and free. The burden of three years can finally be released.

After graduating from college, I have understood what separation is. After going through primary school and middle school, we are no longer young and ignorant. We know this parting will be very different. It's hard to get together completely. We know that those who once struggled together and went to class every day will never come together as they once did.

We used to hate the examinations this painful years, but we miss those who struggle with us, they are how lovely, really reluctant to them.

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(Twitter post about graduation. Edit now.)

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Graduation Party - Class of 2021

Date & Time: 13 March, 2021 | 5PM

Location: Bubelly College

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