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Learning style refers to the way that people have or prefer when they study. In other words, it is the way that learners show their own characteristics when they study and solve their learning tasks. The idea of learning style originated in the 1970s. Learning style is a method that assumes that an individual can achieve the best learning state. It refers to all the psychological characteristics that affect students' perception of and response to different stimuli.

For example, at the basic level, there are four types of learning: visual, auditory, reading / writing, and kinesthetic. Each of us will be dominant in one or more of them.

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  • Visual learners, in the presence of a large number of visual stimuli in the environment to learn better. These people usually have something called "photographic memory" in their brains. They use the visual way to capture a picture and a piece of text, and remember what they see is what they get from the visual clues.

  • Auditory learners can learn more by listening when they listen to the teacher or participate in the sharing activities of a learning topic. These people learn more efficiently when they use audio or audiobooks.

  • Reading / writing learners, deep reading books, or by taking notes, write what they have learned, is the most effective way.

  • Kinesthetic learners, books and lectures cannot stimulate the learning center of their brain. On the contrary, they need to master what they want to learn in the form of movement through practice. For example, scientific experiments, horticultural design and so on, they will start faster than others.

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