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PDCA Cycle is a management strategy that increases efficiency, competitiveness, and competitive position established by Edwards Deming in early 1950. This cycle is also called the Deming Cycle. Many companies and firms use this cycle to monitor and estimate the outcomes and then take action on the findings in order to achieve improved results in later measures on the future improvement cycles.

Based on a scientific approach, the PDCA cycle mitigates the urge to take immediate action, enabling services to test changes on a small scale and learn from the test cycle in a structured manner before fully implementing the changes.

The PDSC cycle is a four-step model that provides a framework for developing, testing, and implementing changes that lead to quality improvement.

  1. Plan: After identifying an opportunity, plan for a change

  2. Do: Execute tests or changes

  3. Check: Review tests or changes, analyze the results and determine what you learned

  4. Act: To take action based on the results of the research steps; Next change cycle or final full implementation.

If the change doesn't work, it's time to go through the cycle again with a different plan. Once this process is successful, you can now implement what you learned during the test cycle.

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