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The PDCA (also known as Deming cycle) cycle is the basic method of making improvements. It is particularly well known and widespread in process and quality management. The letters PDCA stand for: P(Plan), D(Do), C(Check), and A(Act). The basic framework of the Deming circle allows a high degree of flexibility. You can freely incorporate which tools, software or methods you use in the individual steps. After considering what exactly you want to achieve (Plan), you start directly with the implementation and collect the first findings as early as possible (Do). You evaluate this (Check) and decide what should happen next (Act). Then the cycle starts all over again with the planning of the next run.

P (Plan) - In the planning phase you make the following considerations:

  • Which situation should be improved or which challenge should be solved?

  • What is the current situation? Description, if possible, using data or at least describable observations

  • What does the situation look like after the improvement (target situation)?

D (Do) - Implement the action defined in the "Plan" step. Choose a task which is as small and well-defined as possible for your pilot test. Implement the action so that you can come to the first insights as quickly as possible. After all, you want to know as early as possible whether the measure will be successful or whether you need to try something different.

C (check) - In this step you check the result. Compare actual and target to find out whether the desired situation was achieved through the first action. Please do not just look at the values ​​of the end result. Are there any numbers, data or observations during the process or during implementation that can provide you with valuable insights?

A (Act) - After you have collected and evaluated all the essential findings, for example:

  • The action is effective and fully implemented

  • You choose another action because the first one is not effective (all activities from the first action are suspended)

It is important at this point to learn from what has happened. Share the findings with people inside and outside the organization so that everyone interested can participate. 

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