Bubble Chart Example: Private Donation


Using the Bubble Chart you can display a third dimension of data. In this example the donation amount, the donation increase in percentage, and the percentage of total contribution from each donor is reflected.

Feel free to edit this Bubble Chart template with you own set of data. Just click Use this Template to start. Or you can create your own by clicking the Create Blank button.

What is Bubble Chart?

Different with other charts like line chart. Both x and y-axes of a bubble chart are allowed to be logarithmically scaled. Given that some data set may have a geometrical sequence or n-powered relation despite having a linear progression. If a linear scale is used, the chart will be difficult to draw as some markers may have a large value and differences, while some values are values and has relatively small differences. As the main factor of a bubble chart is to determine the relationship, it is acceptable to use a logarithmic scale.

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