PERT Chart Example: Tasks with Milestones


This is a PERT Chart template that can be used to manage both the tasks and the milestones of a project. The tasks and milestone are both represented by task shapes, but with different color code applied. The milestone are colored in purple. It shows the planned start and end date of completing those tasks involved.

You can use this PERT Chart as a starting point in developing your own PERT. Click Use this Template to customize it or click Create Blank to start from beginning.

What is PERT Chart?

Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT chart) is a graphic representation of a project's schedule, showing the sequence of tasks, which tasks can be performed simultaneously, and the critical path of tasks that must be completed on time in order for the project to meet its completion deadline. A PERT chart shows each task in a project as a node. Dependencies between tasks (e.g. where one task requires another one to be completed before it can start) are clearly shown by interconnections between the task nodes. PERT charts also show timing information for each task. It can document an entire project or a key phase of a project which allows a team to avoid unrealistic timetables and schedule expectations. A PERT chart can also help identify and shorten tasks that are bottlenecks, and to focus attention on most critical tasks.

PERT vs Gantt Chart

Because PERT clearly illustrates task dependencies, a PERT chart sometimes is preferred over the Gantt chart (another popular project management charting)

On the other hand, the PERT chart can be harder to interpret, especially for large-scale projects. Most often, project managers use both techniques in order to serve multiple purposes.

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