PERT Chart Example: Software Development Example


A PERT chart example for software development. You can draw a PERT chart like this for any task management need. Let's take a closer look. In each task, there is an ID for unique identification, there is also a planned start and end date that shows the planned date to kick off a task and its deadline. The duration is automatically counted based on the planned start and end date set. Finally, the use of Swimlane makes it possible to partition the tasks effectively.

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What is PERT Chart?

Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT chart) is a graphic representation of a project's schedule, showing the sequence of tasks, which tasks can be performed simultaneously, and the critical path of tasks that must be completed on time in order for the project to meet its completion deadline. A PERT chart shows each task in a project as a node. Dependencies between tasks (e.g. where one task requires another one to be completed before it can start) are clearly shown by interconnections between the task nodes. PERT charts also show timing information for each task. It can document an entire project or a key phase of a project which allows a team to avoid unrealistic timetables and schedule expectations. A PERT chart can also help identify and shorten tasks that are bottlenecks, and to focus attention on most critical tasks.

What PERT Chart attempt to solve?

Projects that involve more than one person and more than one step pose the following questions:

  • What tasks need to be done to complete the project?
  • When and in what order will these tasks be done?
  • Who will do each task?
  • What are the intermediate deadlines (e.g., status reports), and what will be done by these deadlines?

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