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What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design, also known as visual communication design, takes "visual" as a way of communication and expression, creates and combines symbols, pictures and words through various ways, so as to make a visual expression to convey ideas or information. Graphic designers may use professional skills in typesetting, visual art, page layout, computer software, etc. to achieve the purpose of the creation plan. Graphic design usually refers to the production (Design) process, as well as the final work.

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Common uses of graphic design include logos (trademarks and brands), publications (magazines, newspapers and books), print ads, posters, infographics, billboards, website graphic elements, logos and product packaging.

For example, product packaging may include trademarks or other works of art, choreographed text and pure design elements, such as uniform style images, shapes, sizes and colors. Combination is one of the most important characteristics of graphic design, especially when the product uses pre-existing materials or multi-element fusion.

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