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How to Use SMART Goal?

We always have the goals we want to accomplish, but the approaches to achieve them are not always clear. You may encounter this situation: many times we find that we do things by halves. The reason is not because it is too difficult, but because we feel success is far away from us.

If you want to make your work more effective, then use SMART principles to set your own work goals! Smart goals are an acronym that stands for specificmeasurableachievablerealistic and timely goals.

  • S stands for specific. Think about whether your action plan is clear in order to achieve your goals. Think of the SMART methodology as a roadmap that will lead you from milestones to milestones. By splitting your goals into concrete, realistic, and workable measures, you are more likely to remain motivated and keep your promises.

  • M stands for measurable (measurable), think about what to use to measure whether the goal has been achieved? In other words, the goal you set is best to be observable and objective, rather than subjective.

  • A stands for achievable. How feasible is it to think about the goal?

  • R stands for relevant (relevance), thinking about whether the goal is related to other goals.

  • T stands for time-related. Set the planned timeline artificially, when does it start? When does it end? When is the key node of the plan again?

SMART Goal Templates

Smart Goals include all these criteria to show that you stay focused and increase your chances of achieving your goals. Here is a SMART Goal template to display your goal setting in detail. You can use this intelligent SMART goal template to list multiple points in each section to draft a clear goal. The template was created with Visual Paradigm's online strategic analysis tool. You can customize this template by modifying the text, color and font, and use it in your presentations and reports.

Strategic Analysis Template Specifications:
This strategic analysis template can be customized to your requirements by changing the content, replacing images and design components, etc.
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