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The Basic Four functions of Management Process

Management is not just about telling people what to do. Before you consider yourself qualified to take on the role of leader, let's take a closer look at what a typical manager does.

For some of us, we only see the last two types of management: leadership and control, but you should be aware that there is another half of the whole management process that you may not know about. When a manager is in business operations, he or she needs to spend a lot of time planning and organizing in order to effectively perform leadership and control functions.

Whether it's in manufacturing plants, home offices, grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, even amusement parks. Effective managers know how to use planning, organization, leadership and control to achieve organizational success. For those inefficient managers, the four functions of learning management can help them analyze what steps should be taken to become an efficient manager.

The four functions of Management

As mentioned before, the basic functions of management process can be divided into four categories:

  • Planning

  • Organizing

  • Leading

  • Controlling

Try to think of these four functions as a management process, with each step building on top of the others. Managers must first develop a plan, then organize according to the plan, guide others toward the plan, and finally evaluate its effectiveness. These four functions must be performed correctly and, if done well, will help the organization succeed.

  1. Planning - The first part of the management function is planning. In this step, the manager needs to develop plans for the organization's goals. For example, marketing manager's goal is to increase sales in February. He / she first needs to plan the strategy that the sales team must take.

    In order to increase sales, these steps may include increasing advertising in specific areas, selling some new products, increasing the number of leads, or contacting existing customers to see if they are interested in buying other products. These steps are then organized into a methodology so that her team can follow them.

    Plans can be changed on demand according to organizational, departmental, and team goals, and managers need to know which goals need to be planned in their judgment.

  2. Organizing - The second management function is organized. This step requires the manager to decide how to allocate resources and organize the staff according to the plan. He or she needs to identify the different roles and make sure he / she assigns the right staff to carry out the plan. He or she also needs to delegate, assign work, and provide guidance so that the team of sales representatives can work toward higher sales goals without running into obstacles.

  3. Leadership - The third function of management is leadership. In this step, the manager takes the time to network with his / her employees, which is not just about managing a task, but rather, it involves communicating, motivating, inspiring, and motivating employees to be more productive. Not all managers are leaders, and employees need to follow the manager's lead because they have to. But employees are more willing to follow someone who has leadership because they believe in who the leader is, what he / she stands for, and how the leader will manage.

  4. Control - Control is the last function of management. Once the plan is implemented, the manager evaluates the results against the goals, and if the goals are not met, the manager must take any necessary corrective actions to keep everyone working toward the goals.

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