PDCA Model for Problem Solving

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PDCA cycle is a logical working program that can make any activity effective, especially in quality management has been widely used and achieved economic benefits.

The four Letters P,D, C, and A are acronym of the follows:

  1. P (plan) - Setting policies and objectives: that is, according to the customer's requirements and the organization's policy, establish the necessary goals and processes for providing results.

  2. D (Do) - Developing a plan of activities: After identifying the problem, it is very important to analyze the cause of the problem. Use brainstorming and other scientific methods of brainstorming to find out all the causes of the problems.

  3. C (check) - Summarizing the results of the implementation of the program, clarifying the right and wrong.

  4. (Act) - Dealing with, approving or denying the results of the pilot project.

    The successful experience should be affirmed, or modeled or standardized to promote appropriately;

    The lessons of failure should be summarized to avoid recurrence; this round of unsolved problems should be put into the next PDCA cycle.

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