What is PDCA?

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The PDCA cycle appeared in the 1930s and was designed by an American named Walter Andrew Shewhart. Deming later took it into wide circulation and eventually brought the concept to Japan, where it was applied and developed.

PDCA (plan do check action), also known as Deming cycle, is the simplest framework for process improvement. Basically, it's a series of feedback cycles of continuous improvement - you decide how it works, figure out how to improve it, eventually make changes, and keep repeating the cycle. I believe PDCA is the simplest and most effective way to help you improve your workflow.

  1. Plan - The logical sequence starts with the plan and focuses on the strategic parts. The purpose here is to present and analyze information to set goals and objectives.

  2. DO - It’s time to implement by executing what was determined in the previous step

  3. Check: After the inspection, we will look to see if the operation has improved, for example, what is working and what is wrong? Are there any alternatives or solutions?

  4. Act: In this step, based on the finding of step 3, the PDCA concept suggests restarting the PDCA cycle in search of continuous and uninterrupted improvement.

Once completed the step 4, you have to return to the first step to implement more new improvements. If you look at the evolutionary control cycle, then you have to understand it as a never-ending process. There is neither a beginning nor an end. It is helpful to think of the Deming Circle as a spiral. A spiral that continues upwards. Every improvement takes your company to a new, better level. 

It is important that you do not look at everything from an individual perspective, but as an entrepreneur always think in both small and large PDCA cycles and act accordingly. For you, the following motto must always be in the foreground.

"Think every day anew whether there is anything you can do better."

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