Tips For Visiting The Pyramid Infographic Visiting The Pyramid Infographic

Tips For Visiting The Pyramid Infographic

The mystery of the Egyptian pyramids is the greatest mystery in human history, its magic far beyond human imagination. Of the 110 large and small pyramids in Egypt, the most famous are the three Great Pyramids (The Great Pyramid, Pyramid of Khafre, and Pyramid of Menkare) in the Giza Heights. Among them, the Pyramid of Khufu (Chiaps) is the largest the pyramids in Egypt. The pyramid covers an area of ​​13.1 acres and is constructed of nearly 2.6 million boulders weighing at least 2.5 tons, with a total weight of more than 6.25 million tons.

"Egyptians built a passage to the heavens for the pharaoh, 50 stories of stone rising out of the desert, pointing to the sky."    - Elizabeth Mann

The mystery of the Egyptian pyramids is the biggest mystery in human history

  • Guess 1: the crystallization of hundreds of millions of slaves sweat

  • Guess 2: the result of concrete pouring

  • Guess 3: The legacy of a lost civilization

  • Guess 4: The work of an alien civilization

However, none of these theories is enough to explain the pyramids perfectly.

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