10 Steps To Effective Listening Infographic 10 Steps Of Effective Listening Infographic

10 Steps To Effective Listening Infographic

The ability to absorb as well as perceive messages accurately during an communication process is known as listening. Communication can only take place when the listener is fully and actively hearing and holding the message. If one does not have the ability to listen effectively, the message can easily be misinterpreted, the communication process will break down, and the sender will feel frustrated.

Listening vs Hearing

Hearing is simply the act of sensing sound through the ear. If you don't have hearing impairment, hearing can naturally happen. However, listening is something you consciously choose to do. Listening to a song requires concentration so that your brain can process the meaning of words and sentences.

Why Listening is Important?

Listening is so critical that many top employers offer listening skills learning. This is not surprising when you recognize that effective listening skills can lead to higher customer loyalty, less failure, greater productivity, as well as more exchanging of knowledge, resulting to more inventive work.

Here are some tips offered

  • Face the speaker and keep your eye in touch.

  • Pay attention, but relax.

  • Listen to the words and imagine what the speaker wants to say.

  • Be open minded. Don't disturb or keep enforce your own "solution"

  • Try to feel what is felt by the speaker.

  • Wait until the speaker pauses to pose questions of clarification.

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