Invitation template: Green And Brown Triple Photos Graduation Invitation (Created by Visual Paradigm Online's Invitation maker) Green And Brown Triple Photos Graduation Invitation

Green And Brown Triple Photos Graduation Invitation

What does graduation mean?

It means that classmates who have been classmates for several years will all go their separate ways in the future. Some they may never have the opportunity to meet again; it means that they will never be able to eat unpalatable but abundant meals in the cafeteria; It means that you will never meet classmates who unite with you in the college entrance examinations; It means that I can no longer secretly watch the classmate who I have a crush on...

Those days of endless struggle and endless learning are finally over, while cheering, but also a little sad...

Greeting Card template: Graduation Graphic Greeting Card (Created by InfoART's Greeting Card maker)

(Graduation greeting card design. Edit now.)

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It's Christine's graduation!

You are invited to Christine's graduation party.

Date: 15 Aug 2021

Location: Christine's Home

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