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Blue Chicken Menu

Do you enjoy fried food? There is various fried chicken restaurant nowadays. Fried chicken is a dish made of chicken pieces that have been pan-fried, deep-fried, pressure-fried, or air-fried after being dusted with seasoned flour or batter.

This is a menu template designed for a fried chicken restaurant. This is a simple and modern menu design with images and text. In this menu, various food images of fried chicken are designed on the menu which shows how the food looks like in a realistic way. The simple text of the restaurant name is designed on it as well. This template is designed with Visual Paradigm Online. In Visual Paradigm Online, you can create your graphic design with dozen of templates that you can choose. You are allowed to make customization of texts, images, colors, shapes, forms, etc. You can use it as a simple online design tool.

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Menus Template Specifications:
This menu template can be fully customized to include company branding, images, content and design elements.
Dominant Color
800 x 1200 px

MENU - (Name and Ingredient)

  • Pulled Pork

    Packed with flavor from the perfect seasoning!

  • Smoked Turkey

    Our favorite smoked turkey recipe for Thanksgiving dinner

  • Pulled Chicken

    Tender chunks of chicken breast cooked in the oven

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