Business Process Diagram Example: Hiring Process


This is a BPMN diagram example for a hiring process. It starts when a hiring manager wants to hire someone. The manager submits a job requisition to human resources. HR returns a list of candidates and the manager interviews them. This cycle continues until a suitable candidate has been found. After a candidate has been found, accounting is notified to set up the payroll for the new employee, and so forth.

If you just need to create an BPMN diagram, you can start with this diagram template or create one from blank.

What is Business Process Diagram (BPD)?

Business process diagram is designed to be readily understandable by all business stakeholders. These include the business analysts who create and refine the processes, the technical developers responsible for implementing them, and the business managers who monitor and manage them. A major goal for the development of BPMN was to create a simple and understandable notation for creating Business Process models, while providing the semantics and underlying mechanisms to handle the complexity inherent in Business Processes. Thus, BPMN had become the most widely used notation for creating BPD.

Why BPD?

  • Visualize a clear understanding of how the process works for both technical and non technical stakeholders;
  • Identifies and eliminates possible redundancies and inefficiencies for process improvement
  • Assist in analyzing your processes to identify and test (by simulation) possible improvements
  • Illustrate and contrast As-is (the baseline) against the To-Be (Target) process model for identifying possible business improvements;
  • Help manage the execution of your business processes;
  • Collect data from your business processes to help identify issues that need to be improved; and

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