Business Process Diagram Example: Discussion and Moderation Process


This BPD example illustrates a discussion process using email and conference call. It shows the following BPM elements: activities, timers, decisions, start event, end event, annotations, data associations, sequence flows, and data, and a parallel gateway.

Draw your BPMN diagram by using this one as a starting point. Simply Click Use this Template to edit, or click Create Blank to draw from scratch.

What is BPMN Business Process Diagram?

Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) is a standard for business process modeling that provides a graphical notation for specifying business processes in a Business Process Diagram (BPD), based on a flowcharting technique similar to activity diagrams from Unified Modeling Language (UML). The objective of BPMN is to support business process management, for both technical users and business users, by providing a notation that is intuitive to business users, yet able to represent complex process semantics. The BPMN specification also provides a mapping between the graphics of the notation and the underlying constructs of execution languages.

How to Draw BPD?

  1. Determine the main components of the process.
  2. Order the activities
  3. Choose the correct symbols for each activity
  4. Make the connection between the activities
  5. Indicate the beginning and end of the process
  6. Review your business process diagram

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