Tips For Reducing Salt Intake Infographic Organic Diet Advice On Reduce Sodium Infographic Design

Tips For Reducing Salt Intake Infographic

Reduce sodium and potassium to prevent high blood pressure

  • The WHO recommends reducing sodium intake while increasing potassium intake to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

  • Reduce sodium intake to less than 2 000 mg per day (ie less than one level teaspoon of salt), and ensure that potassium intake is higher than 3 510 mg per day.

Tips For Reducing Salt Intake

  • When cooking, gradually reduce the amount of salt or sodium-containing seasonings to allow the taste buds to adjust to the light taste.

  • When eating out, it is required to reduce the condiments/sauce, and require the condiments/sauce to be added instead of being poured on the food.

  • Refer to the nutrition labels of prepackaged foods and choose products with lower sodium.

  • Maintain a balanced diet, eat less processed foods, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and unsalted beans/peas and nuts.

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Tips for reducing salt intake

Take less than 5 grams per day

Save 2.5 million lives every year

Why we should have less salt?

Eating too much salt is linked to high blood pressure which is linked to heart disease and stroke. Most people in the world eat too much salt. On average, we consume twice as much salt a day as the World Health Organization (WTO) recommended limit of 5 grams equivalent to a teaspoon.

We should understand that even if we don't add extra salt to our food processed foods and beverages often contain a lot of salt.

How to reduce your salt intake?

  1. Minimum Salt

    Wait until the dish is ready to put salt, so that a small amount of salt glued to the surface of the dish.

  2. Less Sauce

    Use less salty sauces and condiments, such as soy sauce, or fish sauce, especially for takeaway food.

  3. Dry Fruit Snack

    Avoid high-salt snacks or processed food, try to choose fresh healthy snacks such as fruit.

  4. Canned Food

    When you buy canned food, nuts and dried vegetables, choose unsalted.

  5. Food Label

    Check the food label and choose foods with lower sodium content - some foods need to add salt when processing.

Choose your food wisely!!

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