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Best Teacher Poster

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The Three good teachers

  1. Interest is like a street lamp, leading you to success; Interest is like a boat oar, which takes you far away; Interest is like a pair of wings, leading you to soar in the sky. Interest is the best teacher, it will lead you to the light.

  2. There are always good and bad things in life. Life, however, is accumulated through many setbacks. It teaches us that there are many setbacks on the road to success, and when facing setbacks, we should keep an optimistic one. Positive heart should not be afraid or avoided.

    Because of setbacks, we will be more frustrated and brave. Frustration is the best teacher too!

  3. Dream is the spark of hope; Dream is a rock standing in the turbulent Yellow River; Dream is our best teacher, guiding us forward.

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It's Teacher's Day


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