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The customer journey map is the visualization of the entire journey of the customer from the first point during the buying process to the time after the order. The purpose of the map is to highlight all potential pain points or concerns that could be faced by customers. The outcome of this exercise is usually a series of linear touch points that demonstrate the various phases of the experience of a customer and the resulting emotions they experience at those stages of their interaction with the company.

Let's look at the different stages of the customer's journey:

There 4 main stages in the customer buying journey, they are:

  • Awareness - To buy, customers must be satisfied with your brand. Otherwise, they may not be interested in the product. Therefore, at this stage, your customers must understand your brand. -

  • Consideration - Study - The customers are going to browse descriptions of items, ratings, and so on. Aim to gather data on you and your products/services. He or she will go on to the next level until the customer requirements can be fulfilled.

  • Purchase - Your customer is completely persuaded of your product/brand and makes an order.

  • Post-Purchase and Maintenance - The customer chooses whether or not he or she is happy with the purchasing decision and becomes an advocator for the solution of this particular problem.

    Although it's nice to use the above stages as a starting point, it's crucial that you tailor them to match the unique touch points, staff and sales process.

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