Simple Customer Journey Mapping Simple Customer Journey Map Template

Simple Customer Journey Mapping

Why Customer Journey Map?

Customer Journey Maps help you to answer for the following questions:

  • Do you want to make a memorable first impression and provide a unique buying experience for your customers?

  • Want to know how your customers shop in today's digital world?

  • What are the channels and touchpoints of influence in the customer journey, and how do you influence them?

  • How does this affect the new product category you hope to launch?

Checklists for CJM

When creating a customer journey map, you ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How do your customers find you? How did they solve the problem before using your solution?

  2. What is the customer problem you are trying to solve? Or, in other words, what common problems and pain points can your product help alleviate?

  3. How easy is it for customers to get customer service support? How are you trying to increase customer engagement across channels?

  4. Is it easy for customers to pay for your product or service?

Now that you understand the meaning of the customer journey and how to create it, now you can start using the customer journey to a better understanding of customers, using user research to identify the product potential pitfalls in the journey, and guide the team to build a more cohesive seamless user experience, experience is concentrated in an interaction or across multiple channels of interaction.

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