Plantillas de análisis de campo de fuerzas

Ponga en marcha su diseño con plantillas profesionales de análisis de campos de fuerzas

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Plantillas de análisis de campo de fuerzas de Visual Paradigm

Force field analysis can clarify the 'driving forces' and identify obstacles or 'restraining forces' to change. As a result, it can help identify the relative priority of factors on each side of the issue. For bridging research and policy, it can be used to analyses the forces affecting a situation or to assess the forces affecting whether particular research might be adopted as policy. It might also be used to identify where research may help tip forces towards a change.

Create Force Field Analysis diagrams online. Visual Paradigm Online features an easy online Force Field Analysis tool and a large variety of technical and business diagram templates. It also supports remote working, online meeting and online workshop with a rich collection of real-time collaboration facilities.

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