Brainstorming with Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hat template: Brainstorming with Six Thinking Hats (Created by InfoART's Six Thinking Hat maker) Column-Based Six Thinking Hats Template

To this day, most of our culture is rooted in this kind of thinking, "I'm right, you're wrong.". Each side tries to prove the other wrong by logic and reasoning. When the team wants to think widely, most people can't give up their own views, let prejudice, or even emotions dominate their thoughts, leading to everyone's confusion.

In view of this confusion, divergence and lack of thoroughness, the famous lateral thinking master Edward de Bono proposed "six thinking hats". He suggested assigning different thinking tasks to each hat of different colors (white, green, yellow, black, red and blue) to solve controversial problems.

What are the six thinking hats?

Although debate is an effective thinking tool, it has great limitations as a main method of thinking. The debate was not constructive, forward-looking or groundbreaking. Today, we need to create new possibilities, not just the existing ones, pointing out that some shortcomings may make things better, but it doesn't create new things.

The six thinking hats allow us to structure our thinking process by dividing our thinking into several different aspects. It has been suggested that the internal chemical structure of the brain is different when it thinks positively, negatively and creatively. If that is the case, then it is necessary to divide the parts of the mind so that we can think better about each aspect. The six thinking hats provide us with an alternative to debate. It replaces confrontation with exploratory cooperation.

The Concepts of Six Thinking Hats

Six virtual hats have different colors, each representing a type of thinking. When you wear one of them, you can only think in that way. If you switch from one hat to another, you should also switch from the mode of thinking represented by the first hat to the mode of thinking represented by the second hat.

It is important to be particularly clear that these six hats are not descriptions or taxonomies of thinkers. Every thinker can use all the hats. Of course, some people are better off with this hat, others with that hat, and everyone has their own preferences. But the hat does not represent the thinker's own type, and each hat is only a definite direction of thought to which he is concerned at the moment.

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