How to Perform Six Thinking Hats?

Six Thinking Hat template: How to Perform Six Thinking Hats? (Created by InfoART's Six Thinking Hat maker) Boxed Style Six Thinking Hats Template

Why Six Thinking Hats?

The blind spot of "multi-headed thinking" will greatly hinder our judgment and affect the final decision. Maybe you can solve your problems with six 'thinking hats'. Remember to wear one hat at a time and think about one thing at a time.

Where Did The Six Thinking Hat Come From?

Edward de Bono, an authority on innovative thinking teaching, invented the "Six Thinking Hats". He found that many people tend to hesitate when thinking because of their emotional impulses; they are also proud and self-righteous, thus ignoring many aspects of the problem.

These six thinking hats show us how to think right. Each hat comes in a different color and has its own unique way of thinking. When you wear a hat of a certain color, you use the hat's features to think about things.

The six thinking hats are as follows:

  1. White Thinking Hat: White is a neutral color and represents numbers, information, evidence, etc. Wearing a white hat means analyzing current information from an objective perspective before making a decision; For example: What information do we have now? What do these numbers mean? What information do we need to reinforce?

  2. Red Thinking Hat: Red is the color of warmth and enthusiasm, representing a wealth of emotion here. Wearing red hat means letting your feelings, emotions and intuition take over. For Example: How do we feel about this? Why do you like it or hate it?

  3. Yellow Thinking Hat: Yellow is the color of sunshine and optimism, representing strengths and benefits. Wearing a yellow hat means thinking positively about a niche market; For example: Where are our opportunities? Why does it increase revenue? What else is possible?

  4. Black Thinking Hat: Black is the color of logic and negation. Here, it means careful and rigorous evaluation. Wearing a black hat means valuing failure in a negative light; For example: Is this decision feasible? What are the risks of failure? What obstacles are we likely to encounter?

  5. Green Thinking Hat: Green is an active color, representing growth and creativity here. To cuckold is to think about something that no one else has tried before; For example: What solutions can we create to solve the current problem? What can we create to surprise consumers?

  6. Blue Thinking Hat: Blue is a calming color and represents command, control and planning. Wearing a blue hat means planning the whole thought process in advance, making the thought pattern more fluid and complete; For example, from which Angle should we think first? After summarizing the above discussion, what should be considered next?

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