Six Thinking Hat template: Six Thinking Hats: Decision Making (Created by InfoART's Six Thinking Hat maker) Hexagonal Six Thinking Hats Template

Six Thinking Hats: Decision Making

Examples of Six Thinking Hats Pattern

White thinking hat: it presents facts objectively

  • White symbolizes neutrality and objectivity.

  • The white thinking hat represents objective factual information (including belief facts and verification facts), data and information.

  • When you are wearing a white thinking hat, it is not suppose to express your own opinions, but allows you to report others' opinions in general.

  • For example, what information do we already know?

Red thinking hat: emotion

  • Red symbolizes anger, fury and emotion.

  • Red thinking hats represent emotional feelings, as well as hunches and intuitions.

  • You don't need to justify your feelings or put forward a logical basis to wear a red thinking cap.

  • How do I feel about it at this moment?

Black thinking hat: negative

  • Black symbolizes gloom and negativity.

  • Black thinking hat represents the negative level of logic, which is a criticism of negative thinking and points out why it is not feasible.

  • Wearing a black thinking cap, you should play the role of opposition.

  • For example: Is this in line with the actual situation? Is it effective?

Yellow thinking hat: Positive

  • Yellow symbolizes sunshine, brightness, optimism, affirmation, constructiveness and opportunity.

  • The Yellow thinking hat represents the level of logical affirmation and contains positive thinking of hope.

  • When you put on the Yellow thinking cap, on the one hand, you attach importance to logic and reality, on the other hand, you have dreams, fantasies and hopes.

  • For example: why is it possible? Why is this a good thing?

Green thinking hat: new ideas and creative thinking

  • Green symbolizes business, fertility and beauty.

  • Green thinking hats represent creativity, new ideas and adventure.

  • When putting on a green thinking hat, the thinker should substitute "forward" for "judgment" and move forward to find new ideas and new thoughts.

  • For example, are there any different views?

Blue Thinking Hat: Control and "Organization" of the Thinking Process

  • Blue symbolizes calmness and control.

  • The blue thinking hat represents the control and organization of the thinking process, thinking about the way of thinking needed to solve the problem.

  • When wearing of blue thinking, thinkers can organize their own thinking, direct the use of other thinking hats, monitor the thinking process, and ensure that everyone follows the rules of the game.

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