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In the face of a new idea, we always instinctively judge "good" or "bad". Then, there are endless arguments between both sides, and no one can convince anyone. Similar conflicts are staged every day, whether in life or in the workplace!

"The public says the public is reasonable, the mother-in-law says the mother is reasonable, who is right?"

All kinds of meaningless arguments, wishful thinking and tangles in life and workplace cost us a lot of time and energy. How can we avoid these meaningless arguments and tangles? The six thinking hats provide us with a way of thinking holistically and comprehensively. Using De Bono's Six Thinking Hats, we can move the team discussion from opposite to parallel thinking.

The Elements of Six Thinking Hats

Six different colored hats represent six different thinking modes.


  1. White thinking hat: neutral and objective, thinking about objective facts and data;

  2. Green thinking hat: creativity and imagination, creative thinking, brainstorming, divergent thinking, etc.;

  3. Yellow thinking hat: value and affirmation, consider problems positively, express optimistic, hopeful, and constructive views;

  4. Black thinking hat: deny, doubt, question, and pessimistic views, criticize logically, express negative opinions, and find logical errors;

  5. Red thinking hat: express your emotions, express your intuition, feelings, premonitions, etc.;

  6. Blue thinking hat: responsible for controlling and adjusting the thinking process, controlling the order of using various thinking hats, planning and managing the entire thinking process, and making conclusions.

Successful Cases of Six Thinking Hats

The thinking training of "Six Thinking Hats" has been favored and adopted by many large global companies. It has changed the work efficiency and corporate culture of many multinational companies, such as Microsoft, Motorola, Panasonic, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, IBM, Siemens, and Nestle. These famous multinational entrepreneurs are the beneficiaries of the innovative thinking of the "six thinking hats".

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