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The Philosophy of Six Thinking Hats

Hats are often part of uniforms, which is also a "definition." People with different hats symbolize different roles.

Wearing a "thinking hat" will eventually become a deep thinker. From now on, "thinking" comes from the role you play, not from yourself.

Edward de Bono believes that thinking has six imaginary hats, each of which has a different color, representing a different type of thinking. When you "put on" one of them, you adopt the corresponding way of thinking. If you change from one hat to another, you must also switch from the way of thinking represented by one hat to the way of thinking represented by another hat.

Benefits of Six Thinking Hats

Six thinking hats can improve thinking ability, concentrate, and eliminate self-defense. A colored hat represents six types of thinking and directions. It can improve thinking ability, concentration, and eliminate self-defense. Teams can benefit from this frame of mind, including:

  • Simplify thinking: Allow thinkers to deal with one thing at a time, without having to balance emotion, logic, information, hope and creativity.

  • Role-playing: Allows to change the way of thinking without being offensive.

The Elements of the Six Thinking Hats

  1. White Hat: Observe data and information objectively.

  2. Red Hat: Rationalize feelings, hunches, and intuitions.

  3. Black hat: logical negation, caution.

  4. Yellow hat: logical affirmation, find points of interest.

  5. Green Hat: New ideas and creativity.

  6. Blue Hat: Control the thinking and decision making process.

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