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If you look at the people around you, you will find that the modern world is a time of more work. Unconsciously, we are also doing a lot of things, such as listening to music while walking, watching TV with mobile phones, and talking with people. In fact, we think we can multitask, but in reality, we change our minds so quickly that we are often distracted, unable to concentrate on thinking properly, and as a result, we miss out on more important things.

The value of the six thinking hats is that they clearly define role play. For example, in a brainstorming meeting, everyone is asked to think about the problem from a positive and positive perspective (yellow hat), and then negative criticism (black hat) to switch between different aspects. The six thinking hats emphasize that only one thinking mode should be used at a time, rather than dealing with everything at the same time. Focus on thinking and get better results.

White thinking hat - Neutral and objective. The white thinking hat represents objective facts and data. Think about it: What information do we need?

Black thinking hat - Negative. The black thinking hat is to consider the negative factors of things. It is the attention, judgment and evaluation of the negative factors of things. Think about it: Is this true? Will it work? What are the disadvantages? What's wrong with it? Why can't it be done.

Yellow thinking hat - Dazzling and positive. The yellow thinking hat represents optimism, hope and positive thoughts. Think about it: Why is this worth doing? Why can this be done? Why does it work?

Green thinking hat - The color of the grass. The green thinking hat represents creativity and creative new ideas. Think about it: Have a different idea? What are the new ideas, suggestions, and assumptions? What are the possible solutions and course of action? What are the other possible options?

Red thinking hat - It implies anger and emotion. The red thinking hat represents emotional feelings, intuitions and premonitions. Think about it: how do you feel about this now? But you don't have to deliberately prove your feelings.

Blue thinking hat -The color of the sky. The blue thinking hat represents the control and organization of the thought process. It can control the use of other thinking hats.

How to Apply the Six Thinking Hat Technique?

When we use the "six thinking hats" for thinking, remember to only wear one hat at a time and only think about one thing at a time. When you wear a hat of a certain color, use the characteristics of the hat to think about. Through the process of wearing a hat, we can remind ourselves to change our thinking and make chaotic thinking clearer.

The practical application steps of the six thinking hats are as follows:

  • white green yellow black red blue

1. State the facts of the problem (white hat)

2. Put forward suggestions on how to solve the problem (green hat)

3. Evaluation of the advantages of the proposal (yellow hat)

4. Assess the shortcomings of the proposal (black hat)

5. Make intuitive judgments on various options (Red Hat)

6. Summarize the statement and come up with a plan (blue hat)

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