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Six Thinking Hats Technique

Horizontal Thinking Pattern Using Six Thinking Hats

There is a way of thinking called horizontal thinking, which means that when we are faced with a matter, we may as well understand and study it from different angles, and finally we may find a plan that can balance the consideration of all parties. One of the most widely used methods is the six thinking hats method.

About Six Thinking Hats

Dr. Edward de Bono is the inventor of the six thinking hats. He is known as "the founder of the revolutionary change of human thinking in the 20th century". The European Innovation Association even listed him as one of the 250 people who have made great contributions in human history. The six thinking hats invented by Dr. Edward de Bono are widely used as decision-making guides for governments, enterprises and individuals.

Some Successful Cases

In fact, many organizations have used the "six thinking hats" to improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some examples:

  1. Boeing introduced "six thinking hats" into the strike negotiation, and then solved the threat of employee strike twice. In the third strike, the Trade Union asked the management to use "six thinking hats" to enter the negotiation.

  2. The British government provides the unemployed youth with six hours of Dr. de Bono's thinking training. As a result, the reemployment rate of the unemployed has increased five times.

What is the Six Thinking Hats?

Six thinking hats represent six thinking directions with six colored hats. The colors of these hats are: white, red, black, yellow, green and blue. We should pay attention to the fact that various hats are used to guide us in different directions of thinking, not to describe what has happened.

From the above examples, I believe everyone can feel the power of "six thinking hats". Now, let's put on the "thinking hat" and see how to use the "six thinking hats"!

  1. White thinking hat: objective and neutral. It represents information and data. Used to indicate the current situation. The representative word is " facts".

  2. Green thinking hat: creative divergence, no need to consider logic. Propose solutions and assumptions to solve the problem. The representative word is " possibility ".

  3. Yellow thinking hat: positive and optimistic. Look for the benefits, incentives and advantages of the program. The representative word is " interest ."

  4. Black thinking hat: Negative criticism. Identify errors, shortcomings, and possible consequences. The representative word is " cautious ".

  5. Red thinking hat: emotional impression. It does not belong to logic and facts, but human intuition. The representative word is " feeling ".

  6. Blue thinking hat: overall control. Used to control the process and make decisions. The representative word is " global control ".

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