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Six Thinking Hats Tutorial

Why Six Thinking Hats?

Six thinking hats method is different from critical, debating, and antagonistic methods, but a constructive, designing and innovative thinking management tool. It enables thinkers to overcome emotional infections, eliminate the helplessness and confusion of thinking, get rid of the shackles of habitual thinking, and think in a more efficient way.

Why Colored Visual Representation?

The visual representation of the six thinking caps, that is, the description of the six colors of the caps, makes it easy for us to understand and guide the complex thinking, so that a variety of different ideas and viewpoints can be organized harmoniously together; avoiding confrontation between people.

After this carefully designed thought process, people can usually find the answer to a problem, even a complex one.

Note that, we should avoid arrogance and one-sidedness. The six hats represent six thinking roles, which cover almost the entire process of thinking, which can effectively support individual behaviors and support mutual stimulation in group discussions.

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