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Six Thinking Hats - What, Why How

Why Six Thinking Hat Useful? How to conduct one for your team?

In meetings, individual team members are often forced to accept the established thinking mode of the team, which limits the cooperation between people, as a result, the team and cannot effectively solve certain problems.

Using the six thinking hat model, team members are no longer confined to a single thinking mode, and thinking hats represent role classification, a kind of thinking requirement, rather than representing the person himself. The six thinking roles represented by the six thinking hats cover almost the entire process of thinking, which can effectively support individual behaviors as well as mutual stimulation in group discussions .

How to Conduct a Six Thinking Hats Meeting?

The typical steps of a six thinking hat team in practice:

  1. State the facts of the problem (white hat)

  2. Put forward suggestions on how to solve the problem (green hat)

  3. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the suggestions: list the advantages (yellow hat); list the disadvantages (black hat)

  4. Make intuitive judgments on various options (Red Hat)

  5. Summarize the statement and draw the plan (blue hat)

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