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Step-by-Step Six Thinking Hats Template

Six thinking hats simplify the way you think and make your thinking and judgment clearer. Dr. Edward De Bono's "Six Thinking Hats" is one of the effective intellectual trainings in Western business. It provides a tool for "parallel thinking" to avoid wasting time arguing with each other. Its main function is to establish a thinking framework to guide people to think in a specific way, thereby greatly improving the efficiency of enterprises and individuals, reduce conference costs, increase creativity, solve deep-seated communication problems. It provides many businesses and individuals with powerful brainstorming tool.

1. White Thought Hat (Neutral View): White Thought Hat represents a neutral and objective process for collecting facts and figures, numbers, information, and other evidence. In the process of thinking, we need to know what information we have and consider what information we need.

It has the function of processing information, displaying objective facts and things chart, and it seems to be objective and objective.

2. Red Thinking Hat (Emotional view): Red Thinking Hat represents emotional thinking process, emotion, impression, intuition, etc. What do we think of the matter? For example, why do I love it or hate it?

3. Black Hat Thinking (Opposing View): Black Hat reflects taking into account the negative factors of risk, difficulty and potential problems. For examples: Why can't you choose a second plan? Is Plan 1 really feasible? A black hat is a prudent hat. It has the function of discovering the negatives in things andus to see the negatives of things - why not?

4. Yellow Thinking Hat (Positive View): Optimistic and constructive thinking processes represent the advantages of issues. For example, What's the benefit of this decision? The yellow hat is the optimistic hat. It has the function of identifying positive factors in things. It represents optimism and encourages people to look for good and hope in things. For positive thinking.

5. Green Thinking Hat (Creative View): Green Thinking Cap represents the diversity of exploration processes, suggestions, proposals, new ideas, and the feasibility of these issues. For example: What can I do about it? Any new ideas? People in green hats are creative hats with the ability to create problem-solving methods and ideas.

6. Blue Thinking Hat (Management View): Blue Thinking Hat represents the control and organization of the thought process, calmly thinking about management processes and procedures, understanding needs and summarizing decisions. For example: control the entire thought process, organize discussions, determine the next thinking strategy, and so on.

A blue hat is a commanding hat that manages the entire thought process and represents the organization and control of the thought process. Blue thinking hats control the use of other colored thinking hats.

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