The Purpose of Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hat template: The Purpose of Six Thinking Hats (Created by InfoART's Six Thinking Hat maker) Six Thinking Hats in Vertical Bars

The Purpose of Six Thinking Hats

  1. Six thinking hats represent six different thinking modes 

  2. When we wear a thinking hat, it only means that we have the intention to think; we must try to analyze the problem from the perspective of the color thinking hat through role-playing , so that the thinking hat can play a real function.

  3. With six thinking hats, we can analyze problems thoroughly and make correct judgments by considering multiple perspectives.

The Framework of Six Thinking hats : 
1. White Thinking Hat (Data and information): 

  • Only data is collected , and factual basis is presented objectively and neutrally; white hats represent evidence, figures, and information in the thinking process. 

  • Example: "What do we know? What information do we need to find?" 

    2. Red Thinking Hat (Emotional and Intuition): 

  • Just express emotions , directly reflect emotions, and make intuitive judgments; use red There is no need to find out the basis of thinking logic or justify thinking.

  • Example: "How do we feel about this matter?" 

    3. Black Thinking Hat (cautious and criticism): 

  • Pay attention to negative evaluation , reflect on whether facts and judgments are consistent with evidence; carefully consider risks , Difficulties, and potential problems. 

  • Example: "Why can't it be done? Will this succeed? Is it effective? Is it feasible? Is it safe?" 

    4. Yellow Thinking Hat (optimistic and positive): 

  • Focus on the advantages of things, think positively To the bright side; wearing a yellow thinking hat, you can no longer look at shortcomings or disadvantages. 

  • Example: "Good idea! Great! It works! Why is this possible? What benefits will it bring?"

     5. Green Thinking Hat (Creation and Innovation)

  • Focus on creative thinking , not limited to the consistent thinking mode. Wearing a green thinking hat represents exploration, proposals, new ideas, or new solutions in the thinking process.

  • Example: "This is creative! Think about it. Are there any other brilliant ideas? Are there any new ideas? Are there any different opinions?" 

    6. Blue Hat (Command and decision): 

  • Check your own thinking, integrate your thinking calmly and fairly, suggest the next step of thinking, and then propose a summary and conclusion.

  • Example: "Collate our discussion! Decide our next strategy!" 

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