The Six Thinking Hats Method

Six Thinking Hat template: The Six Thinking Hats Method (Created by InfoART's Six Thinking Hat maker) Understanding Six Thinking Hats

Proposed by Edward de Bono, the six thinking hat is a figurative metaphor for thinking. It uses the power of parallel thinking to change past thinking. So, how do we use six different ways to think creatively

for problem solving?

White Thinking Hat - Evident-based / Objective : data, information

  • kind of information do we have?

  • kind of information do we want?

  • missing information?

Read Thinking Hat - Emotional-Based / Subjective : Tell us, how do you feel?

  • emotion

  • flames

  • Warm

Add feeling, intuition, emotion, premonition (It's not the truth or even logical)

Black Thinking Hat - Negative / Pessimistic: Let's think about the other crises? What could go wrong?

  • Caution

  • Judges, black clothes

  • Identify crises, difficulties, obstacles, weaknesses, risks

    Yellow Thinking Hat - Positive / Optimistic: What are the advantages of this proposal?

  • Optimistic and positive thinking

  • Look for ways to show that something can be done and benefit at the same time.

  • There has to be a good reason and more thought.

Green Thinking Hat - Creative / Intuitive: Put forward not very detailed opinions. The value of the idea can be verified later

  • Grassland, green leaves, germination

  • Creativity, thought spark

  • come up with new ideas

  • Open up new ways

Blue Thinking Hat - Control / Systematic: What should we do?

  • Calm down

  • Management thinking

  • summary of requirements

  • Like the conductor of a symphony

The application steps for six thinking hats

All of these thinking hats are in no fixed order. It really depends on the nature of your question. The steps suggested below are just one of the possible sequences of application.

  1. State the facts of the problem (white hat)

  2. Put forward suggestions on how to solve the problem (green hat)

  3. Evaluate the advantages of the proposal (yellow hat)

  4. Shortcomings of evaluation suggestions (black hat)

  5. Intuitively judge the options (red hat)

  6. Summarize the statement and get the plan. (blue hat)

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