Six Thinking Hat template: What do the Six Thinking Hats Mean? (Created by InfoART's Six Thinking Hat maker) Steps of Six Thinking Hats

What do the Six Thinking Hats Mean?

What is the Six Thinking Hats Framework?

Edward de Bono, a British thinker, believes that everyone has six different ways of thinking, and changing the way of thinking is like changing a hat. These six thinking hats can help people look at things from different perspectives and improve the quality of their decision-making.

  • Thinking hats represent 6 ways of thinking: collecting information, focusing on benefits and values, using emotions and creativity, coming up with solutions and finding out the solution for the problem.

  • Wear one thinking hat at a time to avoid confusion. The order of thinking hats can be adjusted according to the situation, but it is recommended that "white hats go first, yellow before black, and green after black".

Six Thinking Hats Technique Six Thinking Hats Example

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