What is Six Thinking Hats?

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The thinking method of "six thinking hats" is to separate different aspects of thinking, so that we can pay enough attention to and give full consideration to different aspects of the problem in turn. Just like how a color printer works, it first decomposes various colors into basic colors, and then prints each basic color on the same paper to get the color printing result.

What is Six Thinking Hats?

In the same way, we decompose the mode of thinking, then think about the same thing according to each mode of thinking, and finally get a full range of "color" thinking. The six thinking roles represented by the six thinking hats almost covered the whole process of thinking, which can effectively support individual behavior and mutual stimulation in group discussion.

  1. White Thinking hat: white is neutral and objective, representing information, facts and data; efforts to discover information and enhance the basis of information are the key parts of thinking; when using white hat thinking, we should focus on the parallel arrangement of information, and remember three questions: what information do we have now? What more information do we need? How do we get the information we need?

  2. Red Thinking Hat: the red flame reminds people of enthusiasm and emotion. It is the premonition, intuition and impression of a certain thing or a certain point of view; it is neither a fact nor a logical thinking; it is contrary to the impartial, objective and emotionless white hat thinking. Red hat thinking is like a mirror, reflecting all people's feelings. Red hat's question is: how do we feel about it?

  3. Black Thinking Hat: black symbolize caution, criticism and risk assessment. The main purpose of using black thinking hat is to find shortcomings and make evaluation. We can use it to check evidence, logic, possibility, influence, applicability and shortcomings, i.e. what's wrong with thinking? what is the possible outcome of this?

  4. Yellow Thinking Hat: yellow represents sunshine and optimism, It reminds people the logical and positive side of things; yellow thinking pursues interests and values, and is to seek the possibility of solving problems. When using yellow thinking, we should always think of the following question, i.e. what are the positive factors? What are the valuable aspects? Is there anything particularly attractive about this idea? Is this feasible?

  5. Green Thinking Hat: green is a living color, full of vitality, green thinking does not need to be based on logic; it allows people to make a variety of assumptions. When using green thinking, always think of the following questions, i.e. do we have any other way to do it? What else can we do? Is there anything that could happen? What can we do to overcome the difficulties we encounter? Green thinking can help to seek new and alternative solutions, modify and eliminate the mistakes of existing methods, and provide time and space for creative attempts.

  6. Blue Thinking Hat: blue is the color of the sky and has the spirit of looking at the whole situation. Blue thinking is a "controlling Hat". Mastering the thinking process itself is regarded as "process control". Blue thinking is often used at the beginning, middle and end of thinking. We can use the blue hat to define our purpose, make our thinking plan, observe and draw conclusions, and decide the next step.

    When using blue thinking, always think of the following questions: what is our agenda? What are we going to do next? What kind of hat do we use now? How can we summarize the existing discussion? What is our decision?

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